Our Focus

We consult with the learner and their family to provide them with the tools and future strategies they need to make improvements at home and school.

Our Enhancement Plans combine Private Consultations for the learners and their families, with Group Sessions for learners to provide the best approach to improving abilities and promote deeper understanding.

We believe that inspiration and dedication are fueled by the faith one has in their own ability to succeed.  We feel authentic self-esteem is built upon positive experiences of trial and error.

The InnerActive Learning Program provides a brain-based approach to reinforcing 21st Century Skills, while focusing on Specific Learning Plans.  Our flexibility and individualized focus allows us to adapt our plan to the needs of our clients.

Our “Cloud-Based” Programming allows our activities and plans to be available for learners to access anytime they want.

Our consultants work with families, as well as learners, to break down the learning process so that they can understand the individual’s strengths, identify goals for improvement, and develop strategies to implement at home as well as school