Our Approach

The way a person learns is one of the most unique and fascinating things about them.

Our Consultants work with each learner to collect information through evaluations and surveys to determine their strengths and interests to develop a LEARNER PROFILE. That profile is then used to foster a learner’s abilities and generate motivation.

Understanding a learner’s preferences serves as a guide to exploring their potential.

Our unique brain-based approach enhances 21st Century Skills, combined with Specific Learning Plans.

Providing a comfortable environment with unique and engaging activities, stimulates interest and motivation.

OurInnerActive Program” is a Four Step approach which combines effective learning strategies with the best teaching practices to promote individual and social growth.

Our services are delivered in our Mobile Learning Lab, which was created in an RV, and designed to be an optimal environment for learning to occur.

Our “Hot Spot” capabilities allow our program to incorporate technology, with hands-on activities to provide whatever resources are needed to enhance 21st Century Learning.