Mobile Learning Lab

The InnerActive Lab is designed with the learner in mind. Research shows that a person’s brain is most engaged when surrounded by a physically and emotionally inviting environment.

Our Mobile Lap is a perfect combination of the comfortable and the stimulating. By utilizing the built-in features of an RV and adding the enhancements of technology and tactile materials, the lab is the ideal place for learning to be inspired.


Get Ready (10 Minutes)

Engage the learner’s Emotional State to focus attention and establish readiness with a snack and brain-teaser.


Do What You Like” (25 Minutes)

Complete Self-selected and Self-Guided activities through our On-line Learning Management System.


Reflect and Adapt” (5 Minutes)

Perform Self-Reflection on successes and failures to develop future strategies for the next time.


Add to Others” (20 Minutes)

Collaborative activities with other learners to enhance socialization and problem-solving skills.